Broker v Our Full-Service Debt Sales Approach

Debt Sales: Traditional Transactional Broker v. EverChain

When lenders decide to sell their debt, they have options. Many choose to use a broker because they don't want to invest in the staff and the technology it would take to compliantly sell debt directly to a buyer. Sure, you could hire the staff, train them, and implement the technology – but that's a big lift. Because it's not just the technology expense upfront, but it's an ongoing expense to ensure that your technology doesn't just meet the needs of today's regulatory environment, but tomorrow's as well. You pay a broker a fee to cover the transaction, but it does not include compliance oversight – that still lies with you as the original creditor. 

EverChain essentially charges creditors that same broker fee but ALSO ensures the security and complete compliance of the transaction, giving you oversight and control like never before. Traditional brokers don't provide technology oversight, due diligence, complaint management or compliance management systems. So, why would you sell debt with a traditional transactional broker when you can work with EverChain?

We'd love to chat more about that, and help you understand why the EverChain way is the only way to sell your debt compliantly. In the meantime, visit our WEBSITE or BLOG to learn more!

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