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Renato Represents Hope!

EverChain and its employees believe in giving back to the local and global community. 
Each year, with the full support of the company, members of the team participate in and contribute to a wide variety of philanthropic and charitable initiatives aimed at supporting causes close to their hearts. The most recent example is from our Chief Technology Officer, Renato Marteleto. Renato, his wife, and two colleagues just returned from a week-long humanitarian mission to the Ubuntu Nation at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi, Africa, organized by the Fraternity Without Borders (FWB) nonprofit chapters in Canada and in the USA.

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Jonathan Koop CEO of BK Debt Buyer

Buy BKs Via EverChain Securely & Efficiently

Hear what Jonathan Koop, founder & CEO of Bankrupt Debt Services, has to say about purchasing BKs via the EverChain bankruptcy transaction marketplace for the past 5 years. Having been in the industry of purchasing and servicing bankrupt receivables for over 12 years, he has closed on thousands of bankruptcy purchases resulting in transactions of millions of individual consumer records - all securely and efficiently. "The EverChain platform has had a significant positive impact on several aspects of my bankruptcy transactions including due diligence, ease of transaction and post-sale support. EverChain's platform provides hours of time saved on each transaction.  It provides a more secure and compliant process.  And ultimately saves me and my company an infinite amount time and money associated with the process of purchasing bankrupt accounts."  Hear more in the video below!

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Brooke Teal Woman of the Year runner up Atlanta

Brooke Puts the CARE in Career, Raising $163,585 to Battle Blood Cancer

Everchain VP, Brooke Teal's 10-week Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Man & Woman of the Year (Atlanta) Fundraising Campaign has come to an end and we are THRILLED to share that she was named RUNNER UP for raising $163,585 to battle Leukemia!

Please join us in recognizing Brooke in this impactful and meaningful accomplishment, dedicated to the memory of her grandfather, Bill Teal, who was a leukemipatient and a veteran. The LLS mission is to cure blood cancer and improve the quality of life of patients and their families focusing on research, advocacy, and patient support. A cancer diagnosis is the leading cause of medical debt and Brooke is supporting consumers in these difficult circumstances.

Due to her fundraising efforts, Brooke was awarded  the unique opportunity to link a mission portfolio to Patient Financial Support in EverChain’s name. The Atlanta Man and Woman of the Year campaign raised  $2,432,808 in total.
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Becky and Joelle are promoted

Doubling Down on Commitment to Consumer-Centric Compliance

The growing fintech provides upward mobility for two key compliance leaders

EverChain is pleased to announce the promotion of two of its senior compliance leaders. Joelle King has been promoted from Director to SVP of Network Compliance and Rebecca Napier has been promoted from AVP to VP of Network Compliance. These promotions reinforce the company’s commitment to consumer-centric compliance and employee growth, development and retention.

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Jenn WIlson & Dan Green promoted EverChain Executives

Global Expansion Plans Give Rise to New Executive Positions

Two key leaders take the helm during unprecedented growth streak

EverChain is pleased to announce the creation of two new executive leadership roles to support the company’s global growth and expansion. Jenn Wilson, EverChain’s President and Chief Compliance Officer, will assume the role of Corporate Secretary and Dan Green, EverChain’s Chief Revenue Officer, has been promoted to President of EverChain North America. The two promotions support EverChain's strategic business initiatives and further enhance their market position as an industry innovator.

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Fintech Nexus Interviews EverChain's Founder

Listen to the Interview.

The debt buying process is one that has traditionally been highly manual with Excel spreadsheets flying around and not much automation or sophistication. But that has started to change as fintech has come to debt buying and selling.

My next guest on the Fintech One-on-One podcast is Matthew Wratten, the CEO and founder of EverChain (formerly known as Debt Trader). EverChain has created a platform that allows debt buyers and sellers to manage their non-performing loans with a level of technology and compliance not before seen in the industry. In this podcast you will learn:

The founding story of EverChain.
The state of the debt buying industry today.
What was wrong with how the debt sales process worked historically.
How EverChain has made it easier.
What is involved in the onboarding process for lenders.
The different lending verticals they operate in today.
The thinking behind the rebrand to EverChain.
How they are working with the buy now pay later companies.
The kind of volume you need to participate on EverChain’s platform.
How they work with debt buyers.
How they deal with buyers that receive a lot of complaints.
Matthew’s thoughts about when lenders should be selling their non-performing loans.
How they provide guidance to sellers on portfolio pricing.
His thoughts on the action the CFPB has taken against debt collectors.
How they are keeping on top of the changing rules at the different levels of government.
What is next for EverChain.

Below is the transcript - you can find the full episode on the LendIt website.

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Taking Unnecessary Risks With Consumers' PII?


As a lender, you are entrusted with large amounts of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about your consumers and, according to several federal statutes protecting PII,** you are responsible for the security of that data. As the originating creditor, you likely have security and access protocols in place to protect this data while it remains inside your organization. But what happens when you sell or place your nonperforming accounts on the secondary market? Is your consumer’s PII still protected? 

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