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5 Whys of Selling Consumer Debt Portfolios

1. Why Sell Your Defaulted Loan Portfolios? Create a reliable cash flow from uncollected receivables and put that money immediately back into issuing more loans or business operations. All while ensuring that your consumers and brand are protected from risk.

2. Why Use a Broker? To get the best price from multiple buyers or agencies. The competitive nature of multiple buyers bidding. A broker has knowledge about the buyer’s historical track record and reputation.

3. Why Oversight and Compliance? As a debt seller, you are responsible for having a post-sale process in place to identify the chain of custody until the loan is paid in full or settled in full. Do you know where your sold accounts are? Do you have a way to track chain of title after resale?

4. Why Technology? Technology enables more efficiency and productivity, as well as better compliance and risk mitigation in the debt sale process and post-sale cycle.

5. Why EverChain? Click the link below to read about the EverChain difference. More than just a broker, your partner in debt recovery.